ALBUM REVIEW: Destinazione Finale – In Bilico Nel Reale (Serial Bowl Records)

Destinazione Finale are a punk four-piece from Tuscany, Italy, who cite classic US hardcore as their biggest influence.

This is their debut album, and follows their self-titled five-track EP, which was released on Serial Bowl Records in July 2019.

In Bilico Nel Reale (which translates as something like Suspended In Balance), was initially self-released by the band last December.

Now it has now been given a wider release by Sunderland-based Serial Bowl, which continues to bring us hardcore gems from all over the world.

The 13 tracks flash by in just over 18 minutes, with only one passing the two-minute mark, and although I haven’t got a clue what they’re singing about, as it’s all in their native tongue, it’s powerful stuff.

Destinazione Finale, from Tuscany, Italy.

Destinazione Finals are Ivan (vocals), Alex (guitar), Ja (bass) and Ste (drums), and from the off they tear into their songs with a ferocity which reminds me of early Discharge.

They play blistering Italian hardcore with a sprinkling of ’80s thrash, but their racket will also appeal to fans of bands like Bad Brains and OFF!

It’s hard to pick standout tracks when you don’t know what the songs are about, but I love the swaggering guitar of Condotta Sicura (“Safe Conduct”) and Lago di Luce (“Lake Of Light”).

If you like your punk served hard, loud and fast, with no little musicianship, I reckon you’ll enjoy this. 7/10.

You can get In Bilico Nel Reale by Destinazione Finale from Serial Bowl Records’ Bandcamp page HERE from November 20.

Gary Welford owner