Lockdown life during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic was the inspiration for the debut single by a new Italian punk band.

Matteo Gritta (vocals/rhythm guitar), Davide Venturini (lead guitar), Alessandro Rossoni (bass) and Davie Gennari (drums) are The Asymptomatics.

Influenced by Rancid, Social Distortion, Booze & Glory and The Bouncing Souls, they formed in Brescia, Italy, earlier this year, and began writing songs and playing one by one in their homes during March and April.

When the lockdown ended they got together in a rehearsal room, and their single Masquerade Summer – a mid-paced slice of melodic punk which could be straight out of the Mike Ness songbook – is the result.

Bass player Alex said: “The song talks about our everyday lockdown life: WhatsApp calls, cold beers, walks with the dog, suspicious looks of other people, police drones…

“There is a mix of emotions we never felt before, and there is a lesson we all learned: we have to take care each other people, and we must recognize we are lucky, after all, because tomorrow never knows.”

“As we recorded the song at IndieBox Studios, we decided to shoot a video and called our friend Luca Conzadori from Ellsi Prod.

“Together we decided to organize a secret show on the roof of a house and invite some friends. We are very happy wiith the final result, and we hope this collaboration will last over time.

“Masquerade Summer is brought to you as a wish for better days, more than a reminder of hard times.”

You can follow The Asymptomatics on Facebook HERE and download Masquerade Summer from their Bandcamp page HERE.

Gary Welford
ipamusic.co.uk owner