Slalom D, who are building a growing reputation on the North East punk scene, have returned with a new single.

Final Girl is the third release from the political punk four-piece, who were formed in Sunderland in 2017.

Their previous two singles were November 2018’s debut 7in, Jerusalem b/w Dead River (which features original vocalist Craig Macbeth, who sadly died last year), and the three-track CD No Pasaran/Pressure/Chelsea Bonfire, which followed in June 2019.

They have amassed a growing following with their politically-fuelled lyrics, explosive guitars and juggernaut rhythm section.

2020 was set to be a big year for them, with lots of gigs lined up, including support slots with the Rezillos.

The coronavirus pandemic put paid to all that, but the band have been busy writing and recording new material.

The first fruits of this activity is a three-track single, featuring the title cut, plus Step Out Of Line, which they’d been playing live prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, and a dance-dub version of Final Girl.

Final Girl is an uplifting track which espouses female empowerment, built around a searing guitar riff, while Step Out Of Line starts as a haunting song about the refugee crisis which is seeing dead children washed up on Mediterranean beaches, before rounding on those who let it happen.

Copies of the CD are available for £4 from the Slalom D Facebook page, and Hot Rats record store and the Ivy House pub in Sunderland.

The single is also available digitally via Spotify, Apple Music and from Slalom D’s Bandcamp page HERE.

Slalom D are Fiona Duncan (vocals), Gary Roberts (guitar), Tony Lindstedt (bass), and Iain Murray (drums), and their music is well worth getting to know.

Gary Welford owner