Electro-punk duo Sleaford Mods today shared a new single and announced a new album for early in the new year.

Spare Ribs is due to drop on January 15 on Rough Trade Records. It is their first album of all-original material since last year’s Eton Alive, which got to No 9 in the UK – the highest chart placing of their career.

As the first taste of the album, the Sleafords today released a new single, Mork n Mindy, featuring rising ‘no wave’ artist Billy Nomates.

The video was filmed on location in Nottingham and in a replica of the house where frontman Jason Williamson grew up.

He says: “Mork n Mindy is the sound of the central heating and the dying smells of Sunday dinner in a house on an estate in 1982. Concrete, dinted garages, nicotine. Where beauty mainly exists in small cracks on the shell of your imagination. Captured perfectly in Ben Wheatley’s video for the song.”

Spare Ribs, which also features Amy Taylor of Melbourne punks Amyl and The Sniffers, finds the duo fired up at the UK Government’s sense of entitlement, epitomized by its devil-may-care approach to the coronavirus crisis.

The album’s title, says Williamson, emerged from “the idea of the amount of people that died from the first wave of coronavirus; human lives are always expendable to the elites… We’re in a constant state of being spare ribs.”

It’s the sort of cutting-through-the-bullshit approach we’ve come to expect from he and his bandmate, musician/producer Andrew Fearn, who’ve been making music together since 2007.

Spare Ribs will be released by Rough Trade Records on 15 January.

Initially developing a cult following with their abrasive, minimalist explorations of working-class life, things took an upturn in 2014 when they collaborated with The Prodigy on the track Ibiza, which featured on the rave-punk outfit’s 2015 album The Day is My Enemy.

Their album Key Markets, released the same year, proved to be their breakthrough, reaching No 11, while the follow-up, English Tapas, reached No 12 in 2017.

A documentary about the band, Bunch of Kunst. A Film About Sleaford Mods, raised their profile even higher, and in 2017 they embarked on their first North American tour.

Williamson’s vocal and lyrical style has variously been compared to The Streets, Shaun Ryder, Mark E.Smith and John Cooper Clarke, and he cites rappers like the Wu-Tang Clan and Nas as influences.

The band’s most recent release was this year’s compilation All That Glue, which reached No 10 in the UK Album Chart.

Gary Welford
ipamusic.co.uk owner