Italian garage-punk trio Smalltown Tigers are celebrating Halloween with the release of a bewitching new video.

The all-girl band mix the grungey sound of The Runaways with the rock ‘n’ roll chops of Suzi Quatro, and the anger of riot grrrl groups like Bikini Kill.

They released their debut mini-album Five Things to rave reviews in the spring (read our verdict here), but have only managed a small handful of local shows since then.

With their planned November UK dates cancelled due to Covid lockdown, they decided to s’hoot the video for the song Darling, Please! as a thank you’ to fans who bought the album but have been unable to see them live.

Smalltown Tigers said: ” It has been a rough year for everybody. Here in the Tigers’ den we just think we owe all you dedicated followers and fans some update about the situation.

“Because of the pandemic, we postponed our UK gigs from May to November. Then because of ongoing restrictions, we had to cancel them altogether. We apologise to everybody that bought tickets or even just thought about coming to our shows. It is hard for us to stay away from the road.

“We all hope that the situation could be back to normal in 2021 so we could come back strong and play in any club that would be willing to have us. Other than that, we are already working on a new album for release next year. We would love to shake this ugly 2020 off our back with something new!

Italian garage-punks Smalltown Tigers. All pics by Debora Magalotti.

“Anyway, here is the great news! Since Halloween is coming, we turned into witches and we will treat you with a brand-new video for Darling, Please! Give it a look and let us know! Love, Deb, Monty and Castel.”

Smalltown Tigers formed at the start of 2019 in the Italian beach resort of Rimini. They hit the ground with a support tour with NYC’s Baby Shakes, and made their UK debut that autumn with a handful of shows with the likes of The Speedways, The Menstrual Cramps and Hagar The Womb.

Since then, they’ve been picking up waves of international radio play and celebrity fans such as The Damned’s Brian James and The Undertones’ Micky Bradley.

Five Things is available digitally and physically on Area Pirata Records through Bandcamp, as well as Spotify and all the usual platforms.

Gary Welford owner