Spear Of Destiny have announced a new ‘re-imagined’ version of their most successful album, World Service.

The record reached No 11 in the UK in 1985, but frontman Kirk Brandon says he was never happy with it.

He formed SoD with bassist Stan Stammers in 1983 after their post-punk band Theatre Of Hate disbanded.

Less aggressive than TOH, SOD leaned more towards a pop-rock sound, but Brandon used this year’s lockdown to re-record the album and ‘do it justice’.

Spear Of Destiny’s latest line-up. Pic by Maria Rosamojo.

He says: “The original recording of this album was done in 1985. It was produced by seminal DJ Rusty Egan of The Blitz/Visage etc fame. He was brought in at my behest as no one, either management or band, could agree on a producer.

“Rusty produced what many have said is a classic album of Spear songs, both press and fans alike.

“You could say ‘why re-record what is a classic album from the 1980s?’ You’d have a point. But, it has been my intention to re-record this set of songs much more in line with what I feel they were originally written for, much more of a rock album, as opposed to a pop-rock album.

“With the original recording there was a lot of compromise, which to my mind today meant the album’s worth of songs was never done the justice it deserved.

Spear Of Destiny have always retained a loyal live following.

“I’m not trying to rewrite the past, I’m trying – and I believe we have succeeded – in doing this album justice, finally, to how it was meant to sound.

“I can only thank my long-standing band members, for helping me to achieve this with their sympathetic ears.

“We have played songs from this album for decades and I knew on this occasion, we would all step up to the mark with its re-recording. The proof is in the pudding.”

Spear Of Destiny’s live reputation never translated into sales, and despite an ever-changing line-up which has left Brandon as the only original member, they have continued recording and touring.

They have retained a loyal following over the years, and it will be interesting to see what they make of the 2020 version of World Service, which will be released on 26 October.

Gary Welford
ipamusic.co.uk owner