Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, the debut album by Californian band Dead Kennedys, is one of punk rock’s undisputed masterpieces.

But fans will soon be able to hear a different version of the record, which has been regarded as a classic since it was released in 1980.

Containing the singles Holiday In Cambodia, California Uber Alles and Kill The Poor, as well as classic tracks like Let’s Lynch The Landlord and When Ya Get Drafted, it’s a record which should be found in every self-respecting punk’s collection, whether it’s an original or one of the numerous re-releases.

Now it is being remixed from the original multi-track tapes, with help from renowned mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge.

The first track to benefit from this treatment is Chemical Warfare, (originally the last track on side one). The new version is being released to stream and download via Cherry Red and Manifesto today.

While the original mix was cool for 1980, the band felt it would benefit from a fuller sound at the bottom end (i.e. more powerful bass and drums).
The new version does just that, taking the music from 2D to 3D.

Guitarist East Bay Ray, bassist Klaus Flouride and original drummer Ted think the new mix is excellent, adding depth without losing any of the song’s original energy.

In contrast, original vocalist Jello Biafra, who is long since estranged from the rest of the band, thinks the new mix is “terrible.”

But the band’s message has always been “think for yourself” and not let others tell you what to think. Klaus, Ray and Ted want fans to decide for themselves.

The rest of Fresh Fruit is being remixed over the next two months, with the new version of the album due to be released early in 2021 on vinyl and CD.

You can check out the remixed version of Chemical Warfare HERE.

Gary Welford owner