Laura Jane Grace, the singer of American punk band Against Me!, has delighted fans by unveiling a new solo album.

Stay Alive, which was recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic, is available to stream now on all the usual platforms, and will be released on 11 December.

It’s also available for pre-orders in physical formats from her new label Big Scary Monsters HERE, on limited UK/EU black/blue/purple starburst vinyl, as well as the usual black LP and CD.

Laura said “This is my album. This album is about staying alive. Stay alive. Don’t die. Work hard. Fight back.

“This album is an entirely analog recording. No computers were involved in the making of this album. These recordings were not edited together, these songs are documented performances.

“This album was written and recorded in Chicago, Illinois. I recorded this album with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio on the two days after the full moon of July 5th, 2020. The album was mixed in another two days.

“Steve and I were the only two people in the studio. We both wore face masks and stayed 6ft apart at all times. I only took my face mask off while singing. Please wear a face mask.

“There are songs on this album about haunted swimming pools and burning churches. There are songs about mountains. There are songs about astral seas and dry lakes.

“There are songs about drinking espressos and eating croissants at the Bora Bora beach club in Marbella, Spain. There are songs about dirty rivers that smell like pee in Glasgow, Scotland.

“There are songs about Nelson Algren’s Neon Jungle and Simone de Beauvoir’s Mandarines.

Stay Alive by Laura Jane Grace gets a physical release on 11 December.

“There are songs about petrified polymorphs and blood and thunder and LSD and laying on the grave of the Marchesa Luisa Casati while day dreaming of fabulous parties thrown 100 years ago and how the world has fallen apart before and how it is falling apart now and how if we’re lucky it will fall apart again someday long from now too.

“There are songs about all of that and more but really this record is about staying alive. Stay alive. Don’t die. Thank you for listening to my record.”

Laura is best-known as the founder and vocalist of Gainesville, Florida, punk band Against Me!, who have released seven studio albums, most recently 2016’s Shape Shift With Me.

She also has one solo album to her name, Bought To Rot, which was released two years ago by Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers (Against Me! drummer Atom Willard and the band’s long-time sound engineer and collaborator Marc Hudson).

The new album can be pre-ordered from Big Scary Monsters HERE.

Gary Welford owner