If there were any prizes in the music industry for sheer hard work and creativity, Yorkshire lass Lauren Tate would be on the shortlist every time.

As well as being the frontwoman of grunge-punks Hands Off Gretel, the 23-year-old performs as a solo artist, and now has another alter ego.

During lockdown she re-invented herself again as brat-punk hip-hop singer Delilah Bon, and boy is she angry!

For fans of artists like P!nk and Princess Nokia, it’s Tate’s way of doing her bit for girl power, womxn’s rights, or whatever the in-phrase is these days. She’s part of a bold and empowered generation of women who are unafraid to stand up for themselves and call out men who treat them as sex objects.

She said: “From the fiery pits of girl-rage within me I gave birth to Delilah Bon after speaking out about sexual harassment of womxn at my live shows with Hands Off Gretel.

“I was met with resistance online, guys telling me girls were ‘asking for it’, with girls flooding my dms [direct messages] explaining they’d been sexually assaulted or felt unsafe at music shows.

“I had all this rage in me as I started rapping to beats about everything that pissed me off which was totally new for me, as until this year I’ve never even attempted to rap!

“I just knew i wanted to create something that myself and my girls could dance to, something we could just feel empowered and boss b*tch listening to, something that would allow me to merge all elements of myself into something completely new.

“I like to call it brat-punk, merging punk and rap with empowering, often sarcastic, bratty lyrics.

“I have tracks that are nasty, like I’m talking nu-metal meets hip-hop, screaming like a banshee, but then many of my unreleased tracks are more rap-driven and lyrical. This is just the beginning of what Delilah Bon will become.”

Tate writes and produces all her own music, edits her own videos, and is so involved in everything she does that she’s been dubbed ‘the one-woman record label’. It is her art that she’s putting her name to, after all, so good on her.

She recently released the typically outspoken track Chop Dicks, which addresses rape culture and the importance of understanding consent.

“I sat down at the keyboard and began to rap about what made me angry, tackling subjects like rape and the issues womxn face,” she said. “Throwing questions at the listener: ‘Would you feel the way that I feel if that girl was your kid?’. I wanted to make people sit upright and really think about it.”

The Delilah Bon project was launched in July, just as the world was blinkingly emerging from lockdown, and it was proof, if any were needed, that Lauren is an artist who’s not content to rest on her laurels.

She’s now released four tracks: Bad Attitude, Devil, Homework and Chop Dicks, and you sense she’s not finished yet by a long chalk.

Tate’s young, talented, has a great voice, knows the importance of an eye-catching image, and is a hugely positive role model for young women. She’s also a creativewhirlwind, so if she doesn’t make it in the music biz it won’t be for the lack of trying.

Gary Welford
ipamusic.co.uk owner