ALBUM REVIEW: Bent Out Of Shape – 2020 Demo (Frisian Music)

Bent Out Of Shape are a new four-piece streetpunk/Oi band from Fryslan in the Netherlands, and this is their debut release.

Henk on vocals/guitar, Norbert on guitar, Jeroen on bass and Bart on drums are hardly newcomers to the scene, having been in bands like Spirit 84, DSS, No Denial, Dead Horse Running, de Hûnekop, and Icepick.

This seven-song demo includes six original songs and one cover, Question Authority, by US skate punks The Drunk Injuns, and it’s very decent indeed.

They recall classic English Oi! bands like 4-Skins and The Last Resort with their gruff vocals, tough but melodic guitar-driven sound and anthemic choruses.

Opening track Bent Out Of Shape is an impressive mission statement, railing against society’s rules, hipsters, lying politicians, police, bosses, and the other everyday irritations which annoy us all.

Divide And Conquer takes aim at the rich who rule the world, while subjugating the poor, and exorts us “don’t fight each other, fight the man”.

Friendship and being let down by someone you trusted is the subject of Without A Clue, while Out On The Town is about drinking and rucking on a Saturday night out with your mates.

She’s The One is about being shelved by your mate when he falls in love, while Never Went Away is about the enduring thrill of going to the football. If you’re looking for more modern comparisons, I’d say you’ll like BOOS if you’re into Arch Rivals and Lion’s Law.

You can get Demo 2020 on CD or digitally from Bent Out of Shape’s Bandcamp page HERE.

BOOS recently signed to German hardcore, punk and metal label Demons Run Amok Entertainment, and a full release will hopefully be in the offing for later this year. In the meantime, if you’re looking for some tuneful streetpunk to get your DMs tapping, you could do far worse than this. 7/10.

Gary Welford owner