Fat Wreck Chords, the leading US independent punk label, has announced the third release in its 25th anniversary vinyl series.

The label, which was started in 1990 by Fat Mike of Los Angeles skate-punks NOFX and his then-girlfriend Erin Burkett, is celebrating the 25th anniversary of some classic releases from 1995 by re-pressing them on limited edition coloured vinyl.

The third record in the series is Hoss, by Lagwagon. It will arrive in a foil-accented cover, and is available for pre-order now, along with a bundle including a T-shirt featuring the classic Lagwagon logo.

The vinyl is expected to ship in December, so it could make a great Christmas gift for the punker in your life. Don’t hang about though, as the two previous releases have both sold out on pre-orders.

Joey Cape, the band’s frontman, said: “Hoss was a transitional album for Lagwagon. We had extensive touring under our belts, and for the first time we were comfortable exploring our sound.

“The band shared love for many styles of music. We were getting bored, but transforming. As a songwriter, I wanted to diversify. The change was minor of course, but significant to the development of our signature and identity.

“Hoss was the first record we made with producer Ryan Greene. We had a slightly bigger budget, and Ryan pushed us harder than we were used to. He was tough and we needed that. We worked well together.

“We recorded at a studio owned by the great Max Norman called Fat Planet. Max had produced some early rock and metal albums that we loved. We were stoked, but there were looming issues.

“The album was rough to get through. Lagwagon was on the verge of some big changes and setbacks. We lost two members of the band in the years that followed. I appreciate that album and have fond memories of the time, but there are scars too.”

Fat Wreck launched their 25-year vinyl series earlier in the year with No Use For A Name‘s 1995 release Leche Con Carne.

One of Fat’s best-loved releases, it has 12 great songs and great cover art, which will be enhanced by the addition of silver foil to the sleeve to celebrate the anniversary, and the centre labels will be refreshed too. It expects to ship in September.

Also available is a T-shirt featuring the classic NUFAN flame logo.

The second record in the series is Good Riddance’s For God and Country. It was also available in a bundle with a T-shirt, to repel all the fascists in your life. Records are expected to ship in early November.

Gary Welford
ipamusic.co.uk owner