Hot on the heels of their recent appearance at the UK’s first-ever punk drive-in gig, punk rockers MC16 have released a new song, Anti.

The three-piece from the Midlands were one of four bands who played at the show in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, last month, along with The Clashed, Boilermaker and Zero Tolerance.

Their latest track got its world exclusive as part of the online Rebellion Festival at the weekend, and is now being released digitally, backed by a video made by filmmaker Will Hutchinson.

Anti was recorded in Worcestershire and produced by Dave Draper (The Wildhearts/The Professionals) and is the follow-up to Brave New World, which was given a video exclusive by Vive Le Rock magazine.

MC16 frontman Carson said: “Anti is about the evolution or de-evolution of protest. When you look back at the Poll Tax riots, for example, we took the fight to the places of power, but if you look at protest now it can just be an excuse for someone to loot an electrical shop and bag themselves a new TV, or do a post on social media using an angry emoji and hoping people like their post rather than do something about the issue.

“Has anger become a fashion? Issues remain the same, but protest moves onto the next thing and never seems to look back until it comes round again. Some protesters just want their badge and T-shirt, wear it for a bit and then look for something new to wear. A protest is not a sponsored charity walk or nice day out in London, it’s a tiny, tiny piece of a bigger and longer campaign.”

Anti is available on all digital streaming services and via the band’s Bandcamp page HERE. Brave New Word is also there, along with debut EP Outvoted By Robots (reviewed here), and the single Sleeping On Cardboard, which raised money for armed forces mental health charity All Call Signs (more details here).

MC16. Pic: Will Hutchinson.
Gary Welford owner