EP REVIEW: Kid Klumsy – The Faces Don’t Fit (STP Records)

Fans of Midlands fun-punks Dirt Box Disco must have wondered if larger-than-life singer Weab.I.Am was making the right move when he quit a couple of years ago.

He was the frontman of one of the fastest-rising bands on the DIY punk scene, who had gone from pub gigs to filling the Empress Ballroom at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool in just a few years.

But before that remarkable rise he was in another band, Kid Klumsy, from Coalville, Leicestershire, and although they had to take a back seat to his DBD commitments, there was always the feeling they had unfinished business.

Now, with Weab’s energies concentrated wholly on KK, they’re slowly but surely building a name for themselves, and it’s built on the merits of their music, not just it being ‘that bloke from Dirt Box Disco’.

Kid Klumsy are a very different animal, as is apparent from this third EP in three years for STP Records, who have taken them under their wing, just as they did the fledgling DBD.

Like DBD, the five-piece don’t take life entirely seriously, with songs about not wanting to grow up, dyslexic monkeys and not buying your round already in their canon on previous releases Spit Your Dummy Out (2018) and Singing Our Souls (2019).

Here, they give us another five original songs, plus a well-chosen if unlikely cover and a bonus ‘hidden’ track. Their sound veers between straightforward punk, with a hint of pop-punk and even dipping into post-hardcore at times.

Kicking things off in style is the catchy Boobs, a tongue-in-cheek apology for ogling your teacher, and for me it’s the best song on here. It could be Bowling For Soup singing “Sorry miss, I must apologise/For the direction of my wandering eyes/Sorry miss, I hope you understand/That I can’t take my eyes off your mammary glands”.

Don’t Count On Me sets off to a ska beat, but the subject matter is not so sunny, dealing with a feckless, unreliable boyfriend who’s always skint. “I can’t be there for you, cos I’ve got no fucks to give”.

Little Boy Thursday is a punky blast with some solid riffing, carried along by propulsive drums, and the chorus “just because I’m in love, it doesn’t mean I want to grow up” is something most blokes will identify with!”

The Lost Art contains some advice most of us could all use at times: “It’s a lost art not being a twat, just be nice and never look back”, plus some very convincing heavy metal soloing.

Soup is KK at their heaviest and most vituperative and verges on hardcore as Weab sings “I hate you with every breath I take.” And here’s me thinking he’s such a nice guy…

The unlikely cover? A chugging Caravan Of Love by the Isley Brothers (later done by the likes of The Housemartins and Pixie Lott). I bet you never thought you’d hear a punk version, but here it is, and it’s testament to KK’s growing confidence that it works so well.

The hidden track is another cover, of Pete Shelley’s Yesterday’s Not Here (featuring Rachel Reeves), which is for a proposed album of less obvious Buzzcocks/Shelley covers to be issued on Secret Public records, initially as a digital download and at a nominal price. Proceeds will benefit the Pete Shelley memorial campaign. More info here. https://www.yesterdaysnothere.co.uk/

The Faces Don’t Fit by Kid Klumsy is available, together with their two previous releases, direct from STP Records HERE.

Gary Welford
ipamusic.co.uk owner