Fledgling punk band Before They Are Hanged have released a new single, Ground Down, as they prepare to resume work on their debut album.

The four-piece were formed in Derbyshire in February 2018 by Simon (vocals), Dan (guitar), Joe (bass) and Ben (drums), who shared a love of punk and metal music. Taking their name from a novel by British fantasy writer Joe Abercrombie, they quickly began writing their own material.

Along with classic artists like Rancid, Bad Religion, Ramones and Nirvana, they are influenced by melodic punk bands such as The Menzingers, The Bouncing Souls, The Lawrence Arms, Off With Their Heads and Lillingtons.

That much is apparent from Ground Down, which features driving guitar, pounding drums and passionate vocals, with a video set against a backdrop of the rise of right-wing politics and police heavy-handedness.

Their first songs were recorded live at Toolmakers Studio in Sheffield, produced and mixed by Nathan Bailey. The resulting four-track The Live Session EP can be listened to and downloaded from their Bandcamp page HERE, along with the rest of their songs.

The next step was to choose one of their songs for a proper release on Spotify as a single, and Here Come The Cool Kids was released in September 2018, complete with artwork by Derby street artist Burning Flag Designs.

They actually filmed two videos on their day in the studio, so decided to release a second single, D.I.Y., which came out just before they made their live debut at the Sitwell Tavern in Derby in September 2018.

More gigs and more recording sessions followed, and 2019 saw Before They Are Hanged release two more songs via Bandcamp, Clenched Fist and New Year’s Day (nothing to do with the U2 track of the same name!).

Their momentum was halted slightly when bassist Joe left to join new band Novocaine, but he was replaced by Trev, and the band began to plan their debut album, which they hoped to release in 2020…

Vocalist Simon takes up the story: “Well, what a crazy year it’s been. We finally got a new bass player in the mix with Trev joining us, and finally got back into rehearsals.

“We started working on our debut album, working with our new producer Owen Claxton, who we met over Facebook through a few bands we know, whose songs he had worked on.

“His sound is pretty awesome, so we decided he would be a great addition to what we wanted – he’s a guy who gives a toss what he’s making in music.

“Five songs into the album we had to go into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic affecting the whole world and stopping a lot of musicians doing what they love.

“We’ve been working online, sending music ideas to each other and filming our first video, Story Of My Life, in lockdown. It was edited and filmed all over the UK and France on iPhones!

“The song was released as a single on May 4, and we’ve been getting some great responses, so we’re definitely going in the right direction.

Ground Down is the latest single, released on July 4, and it seems to be another song where the context fits what we’re all going through at the moment.”

Before They Are Hanged aim to release the album this autumn and get back to playing live as soon as coronavirus restrictions allow.

Gary Welford
ipamusic.co.uk owner