Rising punk band Riskee and The Ridicule have honoured New York singer Lana Del Rey with their own version of her hit single Young And Beautiful.

The Kent band, who released their third album Body Bag Your Scene (reviewed here) on Bomber Music last year, have been busy during lockdown.

Although, like everyone else, their live plans were cancelled for much of 2020 have been cancelled, they released a new single, the Brexit-bashing Blue Jacket, in May.

Now they have followed that with their own respectful take on Del Rey’s award-winning 2013 smash-hit – but it’s no guilty pleasure for the band, who are long-time fans of her work.

Riskee and The Ridicule released their third album Body Bag Your Scene last year.

“Lana Del Rey is one of pop music’s best storytellers,” said Riskee frontman Scott Picking. “There’s something about her music that is so intense and descriptive that it’s movie-like, and in these times of being locked down, that type of escapism has been a personal paradise. I knew I could bring something different vocally, and musically we were excited about changing the song dynamically, while staying true to the emotiveness of the original.”

Despite being isolated from each other at the time, Riskee and The Ridicule were able to create a video for Young And Beautiful by recording their individual parts at home, allowing their former bassist David Thomas to collate them together with footage from one of the band’s early hometown gigs.

“The video feels like a nod to both our early days as a band, just us and our own motivation, as well as where we are all at in this unique moment, one that we’re not likely to be in again any time soon, hopefully. Young And Beautiful is a song I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” confesses Scott.

Last year was a great one for the band, who have long been a staple of the UK DIY scene, but their fervent attitude and unique grime-punk struck a chord with fans around the world, including sets at Rebellion and Boomtown festivals.

Picking (vocals), Jimbo Aglony (guitars/vocals), Jordan Mann (guitars/vocals) and Matt Verrell (drums/vocals) are a gang of progressive punks full of fierce energy, and they will be back onstage as soon as the world allows.

You can buy their version of Young And Beautiful HERE.

Gary Welford
ipamusic.co.uk owner