North East punk band Loaded 44 have shared a new video which they compiled while under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Love To Hate was one of the four excellent new tracks on the Line Him Up EP, which was released last year.

Like everyone else, the band were forced to cancel all their live plans during lockdown, and were unable to get into the studio to make any new music.

However, they did use the unexpected free time wisely, and made a video for the song from live footage, mostly shot by fans.

Loaded 44 at the Line Him Up EP launch at Trillians in Newcastle. Pic: Gary Welford.

The band said: “We are releasing this new video during lockdown just to make sure we have not wasted our time.

“We have another studio video to record and release for Line Him Up as soon as the lockdown rules are relaxed a bit.

“We have had gigs in Germany cancelled due to this nightmare, but once this is over we want to get back out there as much as possible now we have our line-up back to full strength with Steve [Straughan] back on bass.

“However, we do have the fantastic Tony Taylor from First Wave/Hi Fi Spitfires as a stand-in, when Steve is away with the UK Subs. Hoping to see everyone soon.”

Loaded 44 were formed in 1996, and have become stalwarts of the North East punk scene, as well as becoming regulars at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool and making regular jaunts overseas.

Fronted by the irrepressible Beki Straughan, the band also includes her husband Steve on bass, her songwriting partner Dave Robinson on guitar, and Ricci on drums.

They have two albums to their name, 2011’s Wasted On You, and 2014’s Come On!, both released on STP Records, as well as the Get Ready EP in 2016 and last year’s follow-up.

Beki Straughan and husband Steve are half of Loaded 44. Pic: Gary Welford.

As well as fronting Loaded 44, Beki is the vocalist in Chaos 8, and recently shared two tracks from a new project, Days Gone By, whose debut mini album is out shortly.

The Line Him Up EP is available, along with all Loaded 44’s other releases, from the band’s website HERE.

Gary Welford owner