Streetpunk band Noi!Se are back with not one but TWO new singles on Pirates Press Records.

The band, who were formed in the summer of 2009 in Seattle, Washington, have two full-length albums and a stack of singles, EPs and splits with the likes of Street Dogs and The Gestalts to their name.

Now based in Tacoma, their most recent release was last year’s four-way split 7in with Antagonisers ATL, Crim and Rude Pride.

Now Matt (vocals & bass), Nate (vocals & rhythm guitar), Jesse (lead guitar) and Kenny (drums) have released two new songs on separate singles.

The first, Lost, is out now. It’s a single-sided 12in picture disc, which examines what became of the American dream. It’s a stunning piece of vinyl, with the lyrics printed on the rear.

The second, Price We Pay, which is out on 10 July, is a scathing critique of the US prison industrial complex, with a sleeve which depicts being encased in barbed wire and bars, trapped in a sea of money,

As a progressive, thinking-person’s band, Noi!Se do not steer away from acknowledging their advantages and opportunities in life; instead using them to try and elevate the voices of those who may not share those same privileges.

Noi!Se are for fans of the likes of passion-filled but melodic punk bands like Cock Sparrer, The Templars and Stiff Little Fingers, and you can order the new singles from Pirates Press Records HERE.

Gary Welford owner