ALBUM REVIEW: Bobby Funk – Longing For The Bonging (TNS Records)

This is the debut album by Bobby Funk, a hardcore punk band who come from Falmouth in Cornwall, and I’m liking it a lot.

Ollie, Rob, Alex and Shannon have been together since about 2014, releasing a handful of singles and EPs, most recently 2018’s Avocado Stains five-tracker on TNS Records. They’re all available from their Bandcamp page HERE.

This full-length is the culmination of all their work to date, consisting of nine new slices of fast, snotty punk which reminds me a lot of anarcho bands like Crass and Subhumans, with a more hardcore edge.

Unlike many HC bands, however, they don’t take themselves too seriously, which is evident from opening track Dunch, which explores what actor Judi Dench has for lunch.

That segues straight into the magnificent I’m A Cat, the lead single and my favourite track on the album. Feline owners will get it immediately as Bobby sings “I’m a cat, I’m a cat, I’m a cat, fuck you, meeow!”

The breakneck Put Your Hands On The Car takes us to the imagined scene of wildlife film-maker Fergus Beeler’s well-publicised road rage incident, while K Grind examines mixing skateboarding and ketamine.

The excellent Breakfast Means Breakfast is a takedown of the notion than there’s nothing like a full English fry-up: “Bacon, sausage, egg, no avocado, toast yet please and I’d like a tomato, if it’s continental I go absolutely mental, maybe in a few years I’ll be more respectful.”

Side B kicks off Best Friends With Kanye, a frenzied examination of what it must be like to have the rapper as your pal, while Onion Eyes is about the problem of crying while slicing said vegetable.

Povvo Goblin is a strange little punk mariachi-flavoured ditty which sets Tolkein’s goblins against the ones in Harry Potter, and the closing Gammon Club acquaints us with Wetherspoons Terry who wears an “England shirt and bulldog tattoo, Brexit means Brexit and that’s what we’re gonna do,” and ends with a calypso breakdown.

The pace and energy of the four-piece is relentless throughout, the musicianship is impressive, and they benefit from the best production they’ve had on any of their releases. It’s all over and done with inside 21 minutes, and the first thing you want to do is listen to it all again. 7/10.

* Longing For The Bonging is available on hot pink vinyl (limited to 300 copies) and CD from TNS Records here.

Gary Welford owner