SINGLE REVIEW: Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions – Football In The Sun (Avenue Recordz)

Prolific simply isn’t the word to describe the masked punk rock lunatic that is Spunk Volcano. I really don’t know where he finds the time to write so many songs, and keep the quality so high.

As if being the main songwriter for Dirt Box Disco isn’t enough, he’s also the frontman of Midlands punks Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions.

And while SV&TE contain two members of DBD, they’re far from being a part-time project, with four albums and two EPs to their name in six years (DBD have released FIVE studio albums in the same time!).

Unchained from the restraints of playing guitar, and taking on lead vocal duties, Spunk Volcano has free reign to indulge himself and his songwriting to whatever style he sees fit.

From sweetly sappy love songs to hardcore thrash and everything in between, there are no rules, and the melody, the singalong and coming up with a song you’ll find yourself randomly singing remain the focus.

Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions.

He’s come up with another one here, in the form of the nostalgia-steeped Football In the Sun (Ossie Ardiles) which will stir fond memories among chaps of a certain age.

“Jumpers down for makeshift nets/Is Ian Rush or Dalglish best?/Let’s get a game in, before it starts raining,” sets the scene for how lads used to spend every waking hour in school holidays which never seemed to end.

The chorus fairly nails how it felt to be young, carefree and without the responsibilities which would come with being a grown-up:“We were young, we were having fun, we played football in the sun, and we didn’t care who won”.

Of course, this being Spunk Volcano, he can’t resist a touch of gritty reality, adding: “Another foul, another free-kick/Dribble the ball around the dog shit/And it sticks like glue, to your training shoe.”

It’s simple, it’s funny, it presses all the nostalgia buttons, and it works, especially when tied to chugging guitar and a locked-in rhythm section.

You can get Football In the Sun from Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions as a CD single or download HERE from 26 June. You know it makes sense.

Spunk Volcano with Dirt Box Disco at North East Calling 2019. Pic: Gary Welford.
Gary Welford owner