ALBUM REVIEW: Jaded Eyes – Call Of The Void (Boss Tuneage/Serial Bowl Records)

This is the third album by Leeds band Jaded Eyes, who have been around in their current form for about 12 years.

The five-piece’s sound, which blends punk, hardcore and post-hardcore, owes as much to UK bands like The Ruts and HDQ as it does to the early 80s Dischord bands from Washington D.C.

Debut album Gods And Monsters came out in 2013 and follow-up The Eternal Sea three years later, and this record sees them follow the same path – tough, melodic, guitar-driven punk.

With members who have been in bands like Voorhees, The Horror, Dead Pets and Geoffrey Oi!Cott, among others, they have nothing to prove.

Here, they step up to the plate again with an album which proves over the course of 11 coruscating tracks that they’re very good musicians indeed, delivering a record full of power, passion and intensity.

They start as they mean to go on with I Never Want To Die, furious yet melodic at the same time, and there’s no let-up in singer Steve’s ferocious delivery on Be Not Like Them.

Equals features riffing and soloing which wouldn’t look out of place on a heavy metal record, as Steve screams “I am a feminist!”, while the guitar crescendo reaches new levels of intensity on One Per Cent, which closes side one.

Side two opens with the frantic Fade Out, a breakneck slice of hardcore with a Dead Kennedys-like mid-section, which implores its targets to “fade out, fade out, just fade away, you’ve got nothing to say”.

Fanatics and the swaggering You Made Me Miss leave you feeling like you’ve been battered round the ears with a dustbin lid, but somehow wanting more.

Previous single Hate Speak, which couldn’t be more timely given the protests erupting around the world, is perhaps the standout track, as Steve spews “can’t tolerate the hatespeak, won’t tolerate the hatespeak, she’s not your scapegoat, he’s not your scapegoat!”

This is intoxicating stuff, and I can’t wait to catch them live when we’re all allowed out of the house again! 7/10.

  • Call Of The Void is available on black or coloured vinyl, with a CD included, HERE.
Gary Welford owner