EP REVIEW: Territories – When The Day Is Done (Pirates Press Records)

Territories are a Canadian band who I confess I hadn’t heard of until I was sent their self-titled debut album to review a couple of years ago.

It was their first record, and to say I was blown away by it was an understatement.

Territories were formed in Calgary in 2015 by four long-time friends who had previously been in Canadian punk scene stalwarts Knucklehead, who’d split a couple of years earlier.

Their quality control must be phenomenal, because these guys – Kyle Hegel on guitar and vocals, Jimmy James on guitar, Matt Young on bass, Eric Jablonski on drums – have never released a bad song.

This 10in EP, which follows hot on the heels of a split 7in with The Vicious Cycles (reviewed here) rounds up three previously released tracks and adds three new ones.

It has more hooks than a pier full of fishermen, and if you like bands like Social Distortion and The Menzingers, I reckon you’ll love this.

Strangely, the band they remind me of most is The Clash, as they sound nothing like them, but they seem to have the same sort of gang mentality.

They make melodic punk rock played with plenty of heart and lots of soul, and I really hope they make it to the UK one day, as I bet they’re great live.

The EP opens with one of the new songs, Second Son, a fast-paced number which whets the appetite nicely for the mid-paced Defender, which was released as part of a double-A-side 7in reviewed here.

Another short but sweet new song, SOS, is next, and it paves the way for The Lockdown, issued originally as a flexidisc calling for an end to gun violence, especially in schools. It’s too good a song not to get a proper release, so here it is.

Welcome Home, the third new song, is steeped in reverie, but for me they leave the best to last with Quit This City, the other side of the double A-side single.

It’s about making life-changing decisions before you get too old, and is possibly the best thing they’re ever written. I love this band, and really can’t wait to see what they do next. 9/10

Gary Welford
ipamusic.co.uk owner