SINGLE REVIEW: The Domestics/Pizzatramp – No Life/This Is Your Life split 12in (TNS Records)

The Domestics and Pizzatramp are hardcore punk bands hailing from East Anglia and South Wales respectively, and teamed up a couple of years ago for a split 5in record which is long since sold out.

That release, Discipline, contained three songs by each in less than a minute per side, but this one goes to the opposite extreme.

Rather than a minute apiece, this time both turn in a full side of 12in vinyl, with one song lasting more than 11 minutes.

The Domestics kick things off on side A with No Life, a superb slice of fast, aggressive hardcore, which broadens into different tempos and dynamics, and includes piano, synths and strings!

Don’t get the idea that they’ve gone all soft though – singer James’s gruff voice is in fine fettle throughout, they go all Crass on us two-thirds the way through, and at the end you’re still left feeling like you’ve been through a tumble dryer.

Side B sees Pizzatramp also up their creative game, with their track This Is Your Life an even angrier epistle which tackles the rise of right in politics and the increasing shitshow that is Britain today.

Again, the song is marked out by huge, beefy riffs of varying tempos and throat-shredding vocals, which remind me of Frank Carter/Gallows, and if anything this song just about edges being my favourite of the two.

It’s a real departure from the norm by two bands that are more known for their short, short blasts of energy, but well worth adding to your collection.

The 12in is available on black or white vinyl from TNS Records here, and they’re shifting fast, with the very limited edition white version (only 150 copies) sold out on pre-orders.

Gary Welford owner