Smile, a young post-punk band who list IDLES and Slaves among their influences, have released a new EP, just weeks after sharing their first single.

Joe Francis (lead vocals), Jake Robinson (drums), Erik Miles (guitar) and Rob Mckie (bass) are a four-piece formed late last year in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Smile have a handful of local gigs under their belt, and one or two further field, but, like everyone else, their live activity has been derailed by the coronavirus pandemic.

For the time being we’ll have to make do with some studio offerings. Their debut release at the end of March was Bobby, a frantic three-minute ditty about a local ‘character’, and very impressive it was too.

Now they have a four-track release to their name as well, aptly called the Smile EP, which you can find on the streaming service of your choice by following this link.

After a 33-second instrumental intro it’s down to business with the title track, whose galloping guitar and drums and urgent vocal delivery are a clear sign of the IDLES influence.

It’s got great energy, but although Smile describe themselves as a post-punk band, I’m picking up punk and hardcore influences here too,

Next track Rich Boy is another fast-paced song driven along by some great echoey Dead Kennedys-style guitar, and I’d imagine it gets the moshpit jumping when played live.

Things are rounded off by King, the longest song they’ve released yet at a touch over four minutes, and one which veers off into hardcore in places.

It’s the best of the lot, and if you like your music served loud and with plenty of passion I’d advise checking them out. I can’t wait to hear what they come up with next.

Gary Welford owner