ALBUM REVIEW: Born Shit Stirrers – Lester (Serial Bowl Records/Chaos Control/Boss Tuneage)

How does a DIY punk label based in Sunderland end up co-releasing a slice of raging hardcore by a group from Japan? I don’t know, but I like it.

Formed in Fukuoka in 2016, Born Shit Stirrers are made up mostly of UK and US ex-pats, and the closest comparison I can think of musically is Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man.

They share two things in common with the sadly-departed Manchester trio, who, by their own admission, played ‘stupidly fast’ punk rock.

The first is the sheer velocity of the songs, though if anything BSS songs are shorter and even more frantic than ROTPM’s were.

Secondly, many of their songs have nonsensical or just plain offensive titles, like Old Punks Are Old Cunts and Fuck My Fucking Life.

The 22 tracks here hurtle by in 23 minutes, with the shortest, Jun’s On Poppers, lasting just five seconds, and the longest, the closing Quack Like A Duck (GOAT And Your Mom) still coming in at under three minutes.

I don’t know a lot about the band, but this seems to be their second album for Serial Bowl after last year’s 62-track Pure Shite compilation, and they have two vocalists – one male, the other female.

I hesitate to call them singers, as their delivery is ferocious, and the songs are so fast that you’ll be needing that lyric sheet!

What I do know is that I like the visceral noise erupting from my speakers as the Shit Stirrers take aim at some of the frustrations of modern life, from political correctness to rude shop assistants, and smartphones to passive aggressive behaviour.

The songs are short, sharp and spiced with more aggression than a Friday night home time taxi rank queue, but I like them. Now where’s my lyric sheet? 7/10.

* Lester – a joint release with Boss Tuneage and Chaos Control – is available on 12in vinyl with lyric sheet and poster or CD with insert from Serial Bowl Records’ Bandcamp page here.

Gary Welford owner