SINGLE REVIEW: Das Ghoul – Video Nasty EP (self-released)

Das Ghoul are an unsigned horror-punk rock ‘n’ roll outfit from Oxford who have been a work in progress since 2016.

The band, who have a penchant for wearing ghoulish masks, started as a solo project by Craig The Plague, who handles lead vocals and guitar.

He’s since been joined by Bernard Ghoul-Hefner on bass and backing vocals, Mary Ghoul on drums and Octavia Von Wakeman on piano.

Their look suggests they’re strongly influenced by the likes of The Misfits and The Cramps, but they’ve very much got their own sound.

After a couple of albums of demos (name your price on their Bandcamp page here), they self-released their debut album Noise Das Noire on Halloween 2019.

It’s well worth checking out, and now they’re back with a self-recorded and released four-track EP of songs which have been reworked from those early demos.

Opener Behind The Cobweb Veil has undergone the most radical transformation. Now an instrumental with a real gothic feel, it highlights Octavia’s piano talents, and would make a great intro to a live show.

Second track Video Nasty couldn’t be more different. It’s a full-on guitar, bass and drums assault, full of scuzzy riffs, which should appeal to lovers of ’77 punk.

Formaldehyde Girl is another fast-paced song set to a rockabilly beat which espouses the benefits of embalming your loved one as Craig proclaims “the thought of life without you is getting beyond words, that’s why I could never share you”.

Porcelain, which completes the EP, slows things down a little, but is powered by big beefy riffs, and adds some swirling organ as it warns “she’s made of porcelain, breaking apart again, she’s been damaged for ages, she’s a psycho”.

It’s probably my favourite track on an EP by a band I hadn’t come across before. I’ll by watching out for future releases though.

Get The Video Nasty EP from Das Ghouls’ Bandcamp page here.

Gary Welford owner