Fast-rising Manchester punk trio Aerial Salad have shared the video for Stressed, the third single from their new album Dirt Mall.

The record (reviewed here) is the follow-up to their excellent 2017 debut Roach, was released in March,released in March, just as the world clamped down earlier this year via Roach Industries/Plasterer Records.

They had a load of live dates set up to promote the album, but sadly these were cancelled due to the lockdown prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Stressed is a scream of frustration at the daily grind of working life, as well as being quite apt for the times we’re living in.

“I would walk past the location where we filmed Stressed every day for two years on my way to work,” explains guitarist and vocalist Jamie Munro.

“I always knew I wanted to film the Stressed video there because it’s an old office block.

“Stressed is a song about my descent into madness while working in an office for a blue chip company.

“The song’s not a glorification of weed, more just me pointing out how sad it is that that’s the only respite that can be conjured for a lot of people in their early 20s working shit jobs just to pay rent.

Aerial Salad at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool in 2018. Pic: Gary Welford.

“We recorded the video in early February. It was boarded up, but high winds knocked down the gate to the location, so really the universe clearly needed to see this video and so do you!”

Dirt Mall’ (reviewed here) was created with producer Paul Tipler (“because he’d recorded Mush by Leatherface, which we love”), and features nine songs of anthemic, driving punk rock.

You can get Dirt Mall direct from the band via their website here.

Aerial Salad are Jamie Munro (guitar/vocals), Mike Wimbleton (bass/vocals) and Matty Mills (drums).

Gary Welford owner