ALBUM REVIEW: Brassick – 2.0 (TNS Records/Mass Prod)

Brassick are a Birmingham band who play a mash-up of punk, metal and hardcore, and this long-overdue second album is their first new material in three years.

Formed in 2012, they released their first EP Broke & Restless in 2013, followed two years later by their self-titled debut album, and a second EP, Appreciate Your Concern, in 2017.

The band are proudly DIY but have worked closely in the past with French label Mass Prod, and the association continues here, with the help of Manchester-based indie punk label TNS Records.

Ever outspoken but with a tendency not to take themselves too seriously, Brassick espouse a true anti-fascist, anti-capitalist and pro-equality message.

Brassick are regulars at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. Pic: Gary Welford.

From start to finish it’s an unrelenting barrage of fast-paced hardcore punk, with some massive guitar sounds and a rhythm section that could wake the dead.

Lyrically they tackle a range of social and political issues, from drug addiction and youth gang culture to homelessness, and singer Nicola is a real force of nature, with a lion’s roar of a voice.

She sounds like prime era Brody Dalle on opener Vultures Of The Poor, then raises the bar even higher on lead single They Say, which starts as the most mainstream-sounding thing they’ve done, but quickly erupts into a raging slice of hardcore.

Nobody is another highlight, with Nicola screaming “fuck the suits, who’ve forgotten their roots”, while Pull Me Up sounds like another single in the making.

There are guest spots from Jock Blyth of legendary Brummy punks GBH and Chris Scott from ska-punk band Sick Pins, who add a different dynamic to Brassick’s trademark sound.

Closing track Always Exist is another highlight, and while everyone will have their favourites, it’s suffice to say this is 14 tracks of blistering hardcore, and I reckon it’s Brassick’s best release yet.

This is one of the best albums I’ve heard this year, and I can’t wait for the lockdown to end so they can get out on the road and play these songs.

Brassick 2.0 is available now on CD and limited white 12in vinyl from the TNS webstore here and from the usual digital outlets.

Brassick’s album 2.0 is availabl;e on white vinyl, as well as CD and digitally.
Gary Welford owner