SINGLE REVIEW: Incisions/Pizzatramp – Do You Know Who You Look Like? (TNS Records)

Manchester’s DIY indie punk and ska label TNS Records has teamed up two of its best bands on this spilt 7in, with two tracks apiece.

Welsh thrash-punks Pizzatramp join forces with Manchester shredders Incisions on a blast of high-energy hardcore which will quickly blow away any cobwebs.

The single is a welcome return for the bands, who have both carved themselves a fierce reputation on the UK DIY circuit.

Incisions deliver two slices of politically-charged hardcore on their first release since 2018’s self-titled debut LP (also on TNS).

Incisions playing at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool in 2019. Pic: Gary Welford.

It’s their first to feature ex-Riggots member Martin Battle on guitar, and the first track, New Day, is been and gone within 90 seconds. Second track Jennifer Aniston is even more furious, and lasts a whole 10 seconds longer.

Pizzatramp are nothing if not prolific; they’ve released four albums in five years, most recently last year’s Grand Relapse, as well as a bunch of singles.

Their two songs are slightly longer, with Knighthoods Are For Cunts the longest track on the release, but still over before you’ve had time to boil an egg. It rails against the honours system, asserting “you’re a fucking schoolteacher mate, get fucked”.

Noise Emergency 3000 takes off like a jet plane, and features more larynx-shredding vocals, breakneck guitar and pounding drums, before a well-timed slow-down. When it’s over you want to go back to the start and listen to these songs all over again. Great stuff.

These songs will be best experienced in a sweaty little venue with a load of like-minded individuals, but as we probably won’t have gigs for a good while yet, you’ll have to make do with some vinyl. I’d hurry though – it’s limited to 300 copies. It’s available from the TNS Records website here.

Gary Welford owner