One of the UK’s most socially-conscious bands, The Bar Stool Preachers, have released two free new singles – but urged fans who can afford it to consider making a donation to help the NHS.

The Bar Stool Preachers have released two new tracks.

The Brighton ska-punk five-piece reacted to the lockdown prompted by the coronavirus pandemic by reworking two new songs which were being prepared for their third album.

When The World Ends and State Of Emergency were performed on their recent UK tour, but their lyrics have been rewritten to reflect their thoughts and feelings for what we are all experiencing right now.

They called in favours, managed to get in the studio just a few days before the lockdown went into effect in the UK, and banged out these amazing tracks.

Engineered by folk-punk wonder Jake Rousham (The Levellers) and the lads themselves, they have produced some of the realest and best sounding punk/rock’n’roll of the last decade, whilst being fun, current, and politically scathing.

Knowing that people are always going to need positive, strong music, especially in shit times, they made the songs free to download at their website HERE as the Soundtrack To Your Apocalypse EP.

There’s a donate button for anyone with a few quid to spare to make donations for the tracks, from which they will donate to healthcare workers and their families in the UK.

So as well as providing fans with anthems to see them through this incredibly difficult time, they are raising money for the underfunded NHS.

Continuing their ethos of inclusivity, BSP then set out to make the most topical video possible, and nearly 1,000 fans submitted clips for the first of the two singles.

Editing was done at lightning speed, with the clips made into a video for the track When The World Ends. They show the band, friends,and fans, in their quarantined environments, singing along to TJ’s topical and uplifting lyrics.

State of Emergency is the riot track for the potential time to come. Heard on megaphones and sound systems across lands, from locked down gardens…

BSP are proving to everyone that they’re here to stay, and they can help carry the weight of the world.

They have also released a range of merch – T-shirts, hoodies and prints, designed by cartoon legend Zombieteeth – with part of the proceeds again going to help fund the NHS through the charity

The band said on their website: “We made it [the EP] free because even if we don’t know what’s around the corner, we know people will need music.

“If you want to donate, it will buy us groceries and keep a roof over our head. If you can’t donate, we hope you share this and help us in that way.

“We’re giving away some of the money we make, directly to help healthcare workers and their families.

“Buying our merch is a great way of supporting the band. It also makes us feel less guilty for using your money to live and fund the band. We’re also giving a portion of all merch made to the same charity. Coz we can.

“This is a call to be better. To be kinder. To share strength. To be a community that leads with love. To hold politicians accountable. This is for us, this is for you, and this is to help as much as we can.”

Gary Welford owner