Birmingham hardcore band Brassick have paved the way for their long-awaited second album by sharing the video for new single They Say.

Nicola Hardy of Brassick, whose album 2.0 is out soon on TNS Records. Pic: Gary Welford.

The album 2.0 will be released by TNS Records on April 17, and can be pre-ordered now from the label website here or from Bandcamp here.

Always outspoken, but with a tendency not to take themselves too seriously, Brassick are staunchly anti-fascist, anti-capitalist and pro-equality.

Their sound is an unrelenting barrage of fast-paced hardcore punk, with a sprinkling of thoughtful melodies, massive guitar sounds, and pulsating, gravelly bass that Lemmy himself would be proud of.

Strong, thought-provoking lyrics tackle a range of social and political issues, delivered by the vocal equivalent of being punched in the face by Mike Tyson.

Birmingham hardcore band Brassick. Pic: Gary Welford.

Formed in 2012, Brassick released their first EP, Broke & Restless, to much acclaim the following year.

This was followed in 2015 by their self-titled debut album, and in 2017 by another EP, Appreciate Your Concern.

Proudly independent, they have worked closely throughout their time with French label Mass Prod, which has now worked with Manchester-based TNS Records to release their second album.

The record has been nearly three years in the making, and guitarist Pete Macbeth said: “There were times we didn’t think it would ever get finished, let alone released.

Brassick’s album 2.0 is available on white 12in vinyl, as well as on CD and digitally.

“We have overcome many hurdles and even more studio tantrums to get to this point. It’s actually been pretty hard letting it go!

“We are really proud of what we have made and hopefully someone aside from myself will like it too!”

Vocalist Nicola Hardy added: “What a fucking slog this album has been, but it sure has been worth it. I hope you like your ears bleeding – you’re welcome!”

Recorded and produced at Studio 58 by guitarist Pete MacBeth and mastered by Ed Hall at All Silk Mastering House, 2.0 features guest spots from Jock Blyth from GBH and up and coming ska-punk reprobate Chris Scott from the band Sick Pins.

Brassick 2.0 will be available on limited edition white 12in vinyl, CD and digital formats.

Gary Welford owner