SINGLE REVIEW: Bull Brigade – Stronger Than Time EP (Demons Run Amok)

Bull Brigade – Stronger Than Time EP (Demons Run Amok)

Bull Brigade are a staunchly anti-fascist streetpunk band who formed in Turin in 2006, from the remnants of two iconic Italian oi! bands, Banda del Rione and Youngang.

Founding vocalist Eugenio is the only remaining original member, and he’s joined in the latest line-up by guitarist Gigi, bassist Ste, Alessio on second guitar, and Mark on drums.

They’re a familiar name in Europe, having played with the likes of Cock Sparrer, Angelic Upstarts, Cockney Rejects, Sham 69 and Perkele.

Bull Brigade’s new EP is sung entirely in English for the first time.

With two albums under their belt they’ve broken new ground with this release by releasing two new tracks sung entirely in English for the first time.

It’s also their first release on the German label Demons Run Amok, which is home to the likes of Svetlanas, The Take, The Old Firm Casuals and This Means War.

The first track Stronger Than Time is a super slice of melodic oi! which reminds me a lot of mid-period Booze And Glory, all swaggering guitars and pounding drums, with Eugy’s heavily-accented vocals a little hard to understand at times, but delivered with plenty of conviction.

That said, I prefer the flip side, Circle In A Square, which is built around a chugging guitar riff, and has a great gang chorus which will go down a storm live.

These are the first tracks I’ve heard from Bull Brigade. I hope they’re not the last. They’re well worth checking out, and I hope they make it to the UK once the world’s current coronavirus pandemic is over.

Stronger Than Time is available on gold or black 7in vinyl direct from Demons Run Amok here or digitally from Bandcamp here.

Gary Welford owner