Ferocious four-piece Hands Off Gretel have shared the video for She Thinks She’s Punk Rock N Roll, from their new release on their own Puke Pop Records.

The band – who revive the white-hot rage of riot grrrl and grunge mixed with bubblegum pop – released their highly acclaimed second album, I Want The World, last year.

This year they are embarking on the Don’t Touch tour, their biggest yet, which began in Ireland in february, and continues around the rest of the UK for the next three months.

Lauren Tate, 22, from Barnsley, fronts the band, and has written both its albums, as well as releasing and touring a solo album in 2019 on her own record label. She also designs all the band’s artwork and merchandise and is the creative force behind their DIY videos.

The three tracks on The Angry EP – She Thinks She’s Punk Rock N Roll, Don’t Touch and Bigger Than Me – are all live favourites that fans have repeatedly asked the band to release.

The EP is available on CD and limited edition 10in white vinyl from www.handsoffgretel.co.uk, and from all major download and streaming platforms.

Lauren said of She Thinks She’s Punk Rock N Roll: “This song for me is about standing up and speaking out as a woman in music. In my frilly dress, I’m as punk rock as anyone else; what I dress like and look like doesn’t change that.

“Punk for me is a feeling of self-freedom and challenging society’s norms, and, as a woman, I feel right now women have a lot to be angry about in regards to standing up against being sexually assaulted and groped at shows. We are their voice.

“I wanted the track to just sound raw and punk as hell, proving that I can do it like the rest of them, in my frilly dress and that women shouldn’t be seen as different to men when it comes to music. We shouldn’t be put in different genres because of gender.”

The white vinyl version of The Angry EP by Hands Off Gretel.

Lauren said it was great to get into the studio and record some tracks that didn’t make it onto I Want The World: “The Angry EP captures the energy and aggression of our live shows, which is something we totally wanted to do after releasing our latest album, which has a more polished sound.

“The EP is honest and raw, just how punk rock tracks should be, and we know these are favourites with our fans so it’s great to finally release them.”

Hands Off Gretel’s line-up is completed by bassist Becky Baldwin from Bristol, guitarist Sean Bon from Ireland, and drummer Sam Hobbins from Brigg.

The Don’t Touch tour resumes this week, with the following dates:

Gary Welford
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