It’s almost time for the annual feast of exclusive limited edition vinyl releases known as Record Store Day 2020, which this year falls on Saturday 18 April.

It’s the one day in the year when over 200 independent record shops around the UK come together to celebrate their unique culture.

Special releases are produced especially for the event, which has become the biggest day in the calendar for the indie shops which keep us supplied all year round.

However, what started as a well-intentioned exercise in getting people off their backsides to visit their local record store for the chance to pick up a collectible item has long since been hijacked by the major labels peddling reissues which they know completists must have – whatever the price.

This year’s list contains more than 500 different releases, and although there’s a couple of things I’d like, I gave up getting up early and waiting for my local store to open several early years ago.

There’s probably only two releases in the entire history of RSD which I regret not picking up, as I couldn’t be bothered to queue from stupid o’ clock in the morning for what I considered would be nice things to have, but inessential to my life.

And because I thought they were overpriced at the time, I’m certainly not going to pay the inflated resale prices which are being asked for them now.

You can find a whole list of RSD items on the Record Store Day website here, but here’s 10 indie, punk and alternative items you might want to add to your collection if you have deep pockets.

  1. Broken Bones – Dem Bones LP – black & white quartered reissue of their classic 1984 debut – 500 only
  2. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – End Of Suffering Live to vinyl 10in – blue transparent & signed, recorded at Metropolis studios – 700 only
  3. Killing Joke – Laugh At Your Peril – Live In Berlin 2LP – numbered, black, pink & purple, side 6 with etched KJ logo -1,000 only
  4. Motorhead – Ace Of Spades 7in – 40th anniversary shaped picture disc – 1,000 only
  5. Operation Ivy – Energy LP – half black half white vinyl – 500 only
  6. Pennywise – The Fuse LP – orange vinyl with splatters – 500 only
  7. Ramones – It’s Alive II 2LP – double heavyweight, numbered vinyl – 750 only
  8. Television Personalities – Some Kind Of Happiness: Singles 1995-1999 2LP – two-disc retrospective – 500 only
  9. Wire – 10:20 LP – unreleased outtakes – 3,000 only
  10. Wonk Unit – Summer Time/Bloodlust 7in – new double A-side single on neon violet, signed – 500 only
Gary Welford owner