SINGLE REVIEW: Ramoms – Problem Child (Pirates Press Records)

Ramoms – Problem Child (Pirates Press Records).

You get the feeling Ramoms, a four-piece all-female Ramones tribute band from Philadelphia, don’t take themselves too seriously.

I first heard them when they released a split EP with DadBrains last Christmas, and now comes this debut EP, named after one of The Damned’s early songs.

It’s not The Damned who inspire the music of Jodi, Sharon, Molly and Ginger, however, it’s The Ramones, and they’re dedicated to creating fun for the whole family.

This is a limited edition 7in featuring their take on two of Da Bruddas classics, with new lyrics, and a straightforward cover.

The opening track, Gritty Is A Punk, is their version of Judy Is A Punk, and the same goes for track two, Boogie Not Snot, which turns Blitzkrieg Bop’s “hey ho, let’s go” into “hey ho, let’s blow”.

The third and final track, Rockaway Beach, is the straight cover, and while all three songs are decent enough, it’ll be interesting to see where they’re going with this band. 6/10.

Gary Welford owner