Brooklyn-based punk trio THICK have released a new song calling out sexism in the music industry as the latest taster for their forthcoming debut album.

THICK. Pic: Michelle Lobianco.

Mansplain is the latest taste of their debut album 5 Years Behind, which comes out on 6 March on Epitaph Records.

It’s a blistering, brilliantly sarcastic takedown of any man who has talked down to women in bands, saying things like “here, let me help you carry your amp,” and “are those your boyfriend’s drums?”).

“Those are all things that men have actually said to us or our friends at shows,” said drummer and vocalist Shari Page.

It’s a typically energetic anthem from the band, who will be supporting Aussie punks The Chats on the road in North America this spring.

THICK are Nikki Sisti (guitar, vocals), Kate Black (bass, vocals, guitar), and Shari Page (drums, vocals).

Mansplain is the second song they’ve shared prior to the album’s release, after Bumming Me Out earlier this month.

They took a spontaneous approach to the album-making process, sometimes completely reworking songs at the 11th hour in order to channel the most immediate emotion into each track.

THICK. Pic: Devon Bristol Shaw.

“It was really important to us that the songs feel emotionally connected to our reality, so that it feels as natural as possible to play them,” said Black.

“A lot of these songs came from feeling stifled in silence, but then the song itself is an answer to that. It’s us saying, ‘I have my opinion, and I’m going to share it no matter what.’

“Instead of keeping things all bottled up, it feels so much better to face everything head on, and just be really loud about it with your two best friends.”

Gary Welford owner