An American band who have been impressing hardcore fans around the world with their explosive live shows, are preparing to release their third album.

PEARS release their self-titled third album on 6 March on Fat Wreck Chords.

PEARS were formed in New Orleans in early 2014 by vocalist Zach Quinn and guitarist Brian Pretus, a year after the break-up of their previous band, The Lollies.

They enlisted former bandmate Alex Talbot to play bass and friend John Bourgeois as their drummer, though he was later replaced by current incumbent Jarret Nathan.

Their debut album Go To Prison was self-released by the band, and cemented the growing reputation which their energetic live shows had earned them.

PEARS’ self-titled third album is released on Fat Wreck Chords on March 6.

They went off on US tours with bands such as Dwarves, Red City Radio, Teenage Bottlerocket,Off With Their Heads, Direct Hit, Lagwagon, and The Suicide Machines.

The attention saw them picked up and their album re-released by Fat Wreck Chords, the label run by NOFX main man Fat Mike, and it released their second album, Green Star, in 2016.

Now they are set to release their third album, PEARS, on March 6 on Fat Wreck (pre-order it HERE), and have released Comfortably Dumb as the lead single.

“I was perfectly prepared to have my Blue Album already,” says frontman Quinn, laughing. “That whole fucking cliché of ‘Our best record’s behind us.’ Or maybe not.”

Recorded with Chris Fogal (The Gamits) at Black in Bluhm Studio in Denver, PEARS is 14 songs and 31 minutes of the band’s signature hardcore: heavy, melodic, blistering, pointed, and surprisingly catchy.

While it continues down the path set by Go To Prison and Green Star, PEARS finds the band taking a different creative approach.

Pears playing at Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. Pic: Gary Welford.

“The last PEARS record, almost every detail was worked out before we ever stepped foot into the studio,” Quinn explains. “This record, we went in with skeletons of songs and put things together on the fly.”

“We never could afford the studio time to be in there 24/7,” adds guitarist/vocalist Brian Pretus. “A couple of songs ended up being stuff that we wrote on the spot.”

Those include Naptime, which moves from loping pop to group-chant hardcore in the space of two minutes, and penultimate track Traveling Time, which Pretus describes as a “palate cleanser.” Basically, a midtempo pop song, Traveling Time began as a Quinn solo track, but found its way onto PEARS thanks to the band’s more open studio approach.

Pears have earned a reputation as a ferocious live act. Pic: Gary Welford.

“Collectively, we figured we’ve danced around pop music our entire career so far,” Quinn says, “but we were like, ‘Let’s just do a full-on fucking pop tune. Why not?”

“It makes perfect sense that this is the third act, but it’s not what I would have predicted it to be,” Quinn says. “I wouldn’t have guessed that the album would end on a bittersweet note. It’s more uplifting than either record that we’ve done, but it’s not a happy record.”

PEARS will take the album on the road extensively in the coming year, with tours in the US, Europe, Australia, Japan, and South America.

Gary Welford owner