A Californian band who combine garage rock and punk with funk and soul are heading to the UK for an eagerly-anticipated January 2020 tour.

The BellRays will hit the UK as they celebrate their 30th year as a band.

The BellRays will play 11 dates, kicking off in Portsmouth on 15 January, and ending at Oslo in London on 26th, with Los Pepes as their special guests on all dates.

The band was formed in 1990 in East LA by vocalist Lisa Kekuala and guitarist Bob Vennum. Various other members have come and gone over the years, but the present line-up also includes Justin Andres on bass and Stefan Litrownik on drums.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the band’s independent spirit. They have released music on a whole swathe of independent labels, most recently last year’s compilation It’s Never Too Late To Fall In Love With The BellRays.

Kekuala, whose amazing vocals featured on electro duo Basement Jaxx’s hit single Good Luck in 2004, says: “The fact that we have been doing this for almost 30 years in no way diminishes the ferocity of the rock show we bring. We go out and do this all the time.

“Music sometimes seems to be a TV in the background but that’s not us. People need to come see this band and be part of the experience. We’re not a cat-click video. Most of the world is missing out on what is The BellRays.”

“We take our ear where our heart lives in simple song-writing, making ourselves and hopefully all who hear it feel good. We are proud of its simplicity and love how the new songs sound like old friends.

“We are not 20 year-olds and that’s okay. We are proud of our mileage and journey and [2018 album] Punk Funk Rock Soul validates our comfort in what music means to us. Viability, trend and meaning are up to the eye of the beholder. For the record…we like to rock.”

Gary Welford
ipamusic.co.uk owner