SINGLE REVIEW: Ramoms – Teacher’s Pet (Pirates Press Records)

This three-track EP is the third release by Philadelphia four-piece the Ramoms, and I like them more every time I hear them.

The all-female, all-mom parody/tribute band are something a bit different, in a world which seems to be full of Ramones tribute bands.

They take ‘da brudders’ songs, and add their own unique twist to the lyrics, in this case about the trials and tribulations of bringing up children.

Their previous records were a split 7” with LA-based Dad Brains last year, and the Problem Child EP this October (reviewed here), and this is the second of three planned 7in releases.

Jodi Ramom (vocals), Sharon Ramom (guitar), Molly Ramom (bass) and Ginger Ramom (drums) certainly know how to rock.

Kicking off this EP is Going Into 3rd, which uses the tune for 53rd & 3rd. It’s all about kids moving up into third grade, and moves along nicely.

The second track is The PTA Took My Mommy Away, their take on Ramones classic The KKK Took My Baby Away, and it’s my favourite on this release.

The lyric “she said she had meetings all day, then she was going to the PTA” actually made no laugh out loud.

Rounding things off, as seems traditional with these ladies, is a straightforward cover of Beat On The Brat, and they do it justice.

The good news is that they’ve been recording new material for a debut LP to follow in the spring of 2020. Hey ho, let’s go! 7/10.

Gary Welford owner