ALBUM REVIEW: Peter Perrett – Humanworld (Domino)

As frontman and principal songwriter of The Only Ones, Peter Perrett penned one of THE songs of the new wave era in Another Girl, Another Planet.

There was a lot to enjoy in the three albums they released between 1978-80, but you got the feeling they had so much more to offer.

After a brief spell with the unheralded England’s Glory, Perrett disappeared from the music scene, reappearing briefly in 1994 as The One, before descending into two decades of drug addiction.

Then, in 2007, The Only Ones were asked to reform for a festival, and Perrett’s creative juices began to stir again, though it was 2017 before he was ready to share his latest creations with the world. Good things take time, right?

Peter Perrett of The Only Ones.

The resulting album, How The West Was Won, deservedly earned rave reviews, and took him back into the charts after a break of 26 years, showcasing a writer who was right back on top of his game.

Two years later, with Perrett now 67, we have a follow-up, and it’s just as good as its predecessor.

With a band including his sons Jamie and Peter on guitar and bass, he continues to dissect romance and politics with his trademark laconic drawl.

Infinity mirrors

Heavenly Day is one of the greatest love songs you’ll ever hear, talking of “infinity mirrors, in the depths of your eyes”, while delicious yearning sax is just one of the highlights of The Power Is In You.

Son Jamie gets a writing credit on the rollocking Master Of Destruction, but perhaps the standout track is the Velvet Underground-like Walking In Berlin (“she’s walking in the street, cars are passing by, she really owns the street, you know she owns your eyes”).

Of all the comebacks of recent years, arch storyteller Perrett’s is one of the most unexpected, and the best. Long may it continue. 8/10.

Gary Welford owner