SINGLE REVIEW: Lion’s Law – Cut The Rope/Get It All (Pirates Press Records)

Lion’s Law are an Oi! band who were formed in Paris in 2012, and they have spent the last seven years forging quite a name for themselves.

With three full-length albums and a whole fistful of singles under their belt, the staunchly anti-racist skinhead outfit are one of the most highly rated bands in the street-punk scene at the moment.

To dismiss them as ‘just another oi! band’ is a big mistake, as they are one of those rare groups who also appeal to fans of other genres, in their case hardcore and even metal.

Now a five-piece, they have a big sound, full of energy and anger, and singer Wattie has a real roar to his voice.

These two songs are a taste of what’s to come from their next album, due out in 2020, and it promises to be another belter.

Cut The Rope, which lasts less than two and a half minutes, is an anthem of positivity whose insistent chorus urges “Gave us something, gave us hope, gave us what we need to cut the rope.”

Get It All, about being born into a life which can only end badly, is heavier, full of swagger and menace, and there’s even a short guitar solo which wouldn’t look out of place on a heavy metal record.  I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Gary Welford owner